Feed your brain in the boutique hotel Tri Studničky

hotel tri studnicky, slovakia

The boutique hotel Tri Studničky in Demänovská dolina offers an entirely different dimension of dining during congresses, conferences and business meetings. A new concept named “Brain food” is an intelligent alternative for effective company´s events. Tasty food will please taste buds and will also increase participants’ability to focus.

Can you believe that “brain can also be fed”? This miracle is possible in the boutique hotel Tri Studničky. And what is it about?

“Brain Food”is a special menu for coffee breaks, lunches and dinners prepared by Chef Roman Kováč, the winner of competition “Horeca cooks with professionals”. The menu consists of carefully selected products, which positively influence concentration, are not heavy on the stomach, and therefore they do not cause sleepiness. On the contrary, they stimulate concentration and, thanks to antioxidants, improve memory. “Food that we consume influences our thinking and processes of the organism. White meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, natural sweeteners, and whole grain food, which we use by preparing the food, have a positive impact on the organism, provide enough energy and a balanced nutritional value”, Chef Roman Kováč explained.


The goal of the culinary concept of the future is to stimulate neural paths of the participantsto keep the optimal amount of sugar in order to stay focused during the event. The innovative menu is a benefit for the participants of conferences, as well as for the organizers of conferences. “It is not necessary to make a compromise. Just enjoy an excellent culinary experience”, Kováč added. “Brain food” represents an ideal combination of healthy and tasty.

The charismatic hotel Tri Studničky in Demänovská dolina offers the best for corporate events of different kinds. New conference rooms offer enough comfort and luxury underlined by the beauty of the Low Tatras. The participants can relax during breaks with the sound of a stream named Demänovka, which flows through local well-known caves.The Stress-free and relaxing atmosphere is completed by the new wellness center with a mountain beach and many bodily and facial treatments.

Regarding the variety of offered services, the hotels from the portfolio of Tatry mountain resorts, a.s. are very suitable for organizing business meetings, trainings, and conferences. The hotels prepared some novelties for the following conference and MICE tourism season. Quality conference rooms are very crucial from the point of view of the conference clientele. The new concept named “Brain food” brings a brand new dimension for the conference industry.

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