Teambuilding tip: Conquest of the fort

Overcomethe medieval obstacles and barriers, solve mysteries using clues, keys and evidence, trick the castle guards and earn the treasure!

Conquest of the fort is the competitive teamgame similar to the famous Fort Boyard competition and it is an ideal adventure activity for teambuilding.

Prepare yourselffor an unforgettable experience

     * The conquest of the castle gate with the ram and shot down castle guards by catapult
     * Solve a riddle of the castle clown
     * Cross the canyon
     * Fight the castle gladiator
     * Search for clues in the dark scary torture chamber

     * Solve a riddle of a castle wizard

     * Rope down to the prison room to get the key of the treasure
     * Puzzle out princess´s riddle
     * Pass through the dark catacomb guarded by a dragon

     * Blow down a hundred candles in the dark room of sorrow
     * Pass through the path of the medieval knight
     * Discover a secret castle room
     * Get the treasure


Unique corporate teambuilding

The game is time-limited, approximate duration is 2-3 hours. The game is designed for a group of colleagues who can prove that they are team players, so it is an idealcorporateteambuilding activity.

Price is stated individually - according to the requirements and financial possibilities of the client.
Game Conquest of the fort can be organized (depending on the weather) during spring, summer and autumn in the castle, ideally in castle ruins. 


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