Teambuilding tip: Survival camp

Try the adventurein a wilderness, survive the test with your team and join forces to achieve a common goal! Your team is transported to an unknown forest, you know only approximate location. You will get a technical adviser (organizer), who receives orders by radio transmitter, otherwise you must deal with everything by yourselves.

Course of the game 

Instruction, test shooting, radio transmitter usage testing, mission briefing

Survival tasks:

  • build a fortified point, your basis (bunker built from local materials), from which your team is taking actions
  • make a map of the neighborhood with its characteristic features, send explorers to research surroundings
  • conquest a fort – you have to destroy the enemy's own nest near the camp, which can be dangerous to your team, during the attack one of your members is injured - you have to transport him back to your basis while using provisionally created litter
  • fend off an attack of the enemy - defend your own basin
  • attack the enemy´s communication center
  • transport the commando through difficult terrain where no one expected an attack, build a bridge over the stream, rope down small rock wall
  • when the enemy escapes set a simple mechanical trap (catch the enemy in the network and prison them)
  • find a secret hiding place, according to azimuth, while enemies surround you
  • prepare a place for attacking armed escorts of the enemy, perfectly disguised along the expected route, stay 20 minutes motionless until the escort arrives
  • attack the escort and rescue the hostage


Survivalcamp can be played directly in Bratislava and its surroundings, all the year round.

In winter it should be organized indoors- as fictitiousmilitary operation in the military area or futuristic war with special music,strobe lights, steam engines,etc.


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