Slovak food – delicious reflection of history

slovakia food and beverage

Get the taste of local Slovak specialties and typical wines to understand and connect to the local culture and experience new flavors. Originally most Slovak people worked as farmers which reflected into the ingredients they used and meals they made. History has however also contributed to the flavors and nowadays the dishes combine traditional formula with modern technology and visionary passion.

Košice - metropolis of the East

kosice, slovakia

The metropolis of eastern Slovakia has also been known a metropolis of culture and art. As a reward for its heritage combined with modern art approach the city has been honored as European Culture Capital of 2013.

The city is developing instantly by building new business centers and high quality hotels, which combined with activity options in surroundings provide interesting new event setting. Historical by day, modern by night. Living by this spirit Košice offers its visitors two sides of an urban coin.

Bratislava – the cosmopolitan capital city

Bratislava, Košice

For over 200 years, Bratislava has been the capital of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nowadays, it belongs to one of Europe´s youngest capital cities offering its visitors a balanced blend of tradition, history and modern dynamism. 

Folk & Culture of Slovakia

folk and culture in slovakia

Due to its location, Slovakia has always been seen as a crossroad of trades and thus influenced by numerous nations that stepped on its land. Culture as a powerful evidence tells  colorful stories about the nation´s way of life carriing rich heritage left by past centuries. Fortunately, we can still admire several small-scale craft industries scattered across Slovakia with people passionate enough to keep the spirit of past alive. Numerous folk festivals help raising awareness and building respect for traditions for future generations.

Teambuilding and events in High Tatras

teambuilding and events in high tatras

Mother Nature has been especially generous to Slovakia – you´ll understand that when you visit the spectacular mountains of High Tatras – the smallest mountain range of Alpine character in the world. Seasons may change but the natural beauty and numerous opportunities for teambuilding activities remain all year round.  

Teambuilding and events in Low Tatras

Low Tatras, Slovakia

Leave ordinary behind and experience the touch of nature in Low Tatra national park. Whether your team is a group of sports enthusiasts, leisure visitors or mix of both, there is something for everyone! Visit the medieval town of Kremnica and the oldest still-working mint in the world (where you can even try to make a coin yourself or create a coat of arms for your company!), Let the nature be a venue for your teambuilding activities that will teach you how to compromise, adapt to the versatile environment and uplift the work spirit. At the end you will walk away with many shared experiences and great memories.  

Slovakia – Discover the land of castles

castles, slovakiaOnce upon a time in a heart of Europe, there was a land unknown for many. A land where kings organized their feasts and knights fought tournaments to be worthy of the hand of princess. A land where history was made …

Slovakia is rightfully called a fairytale land as it is the home to a little over 300 castles. Many of them are still well-preserved offering a perfect setting for unique theme events. Some of those which are already in ruins could be used for teambuilding challenges in the style of Fort Boyard or a conquest of a fort. Let the charm and mystery enchant your guests and create memories that will last forever.

Explore 7 Wonders of High Tatras Slovakia

Over 500 Fans voted for 7 Wonders of High Tatra Mountains in a Facebook campaign organized by Kontakt Wellness Hotel****

High Tatras, Slovakia, August 31, 2011 –Kontakt Wellness Hotel announced the results of its successful ´7 Wonders of High Tatras´ Facebook campaign focused on creating a list of top spots in High Tatras by putting together the ideas of people who really love these amazing mountains.

Curiosities of Bratislava

Bratislava is home of numerous unique statues worth seeing. Let´s meet the most interesting ones.

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