Let winter chills bring teambuilding thrills

With winter on our doorstep and less sun light during the day, you might find your team in danger of falling into the foggy monotony. Break up the feeling of constant stereotype, seize the opportunity to challenge and motivate the spirit of your team to drive the business forward!
Winter season could be just as unpredictable as turbulent business environment, making it an ideal season to get a taste of a wide range of teambuilding activities. Why not try some place new this year? Or maybe you´ve already been here but want another taste?

TOP Ski resorts in Slovakia

Enjoy a great winter teambuilding in the best Slovak ski resorts! In addition to skiing, resorts offer a wide range of adrenaline activities such as skifox, snowcoote, snowbiking, paragliding, kitewing, snow rafting and others.

Adventure teambuilding activities in Liptov region, High Tatras

Let Slovakia surprise you with unexpected choice of adrenaline activities in Liptov. Make your teambuilding trips more special and try adventurous activities paragliding, zorbing (X-ball), snowmobiles, hovercraft, dog sledding, snow rafting and much more.


Teambuilding tip: Survival camp

Try the adventurein a wilderness, survive the test with your team and join forces to achieve a common goal! Your team is transported to an unknown forest, you know only approximate location. You will get a technical adviser (organizer), who receives orders by radio transmitter, otherwise you must deal with everything by yourselves.

Teambuilding tip: Conquest of the fort

Overcomethe medieval obstacles and barriers, solve mysteries using clues, keys and evidence, trick the castle guards and earn the treasure!

Conquest of the fort is the competitive teamgame similar to the famous Fort Boyard competition and it is an ideal adventure activity for teambuilding.

Adrenaline in the underground – adventurous tours in Krasnohorská cave

Experience a fantastic underground adventure as real speleologists! Forget about traditional cave tours with built up tourist route and electrical lightning. You are going to crawl and climb in the corridors only in the company of the cave guide and bats.  Krásnohorská cave, registered on UNESCO list, offers you unique adrenaline tour!

BLACK RIVER golf park Bernolákovo

Enjoy playing golf in a really beautiful area.

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